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Fair Haven 321 Tournament July 18 & 19

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After a successful May tournament we decided to make a few changes based on suggestions that made a lot of sense, simplify the tournament, and to clarify some of the rules that had some interpretation questions.


We are looking forward to the July tournament and some big boxes to come in. 


Please download the attached file if you are interested in participating.  This is a fun way to raise some money for the net pen project while having some friendly competition.


Registration needs to be done in person at Screwy Louie's Sportshop.


Thank you in advance for your support and particiaption.

321 Fair Haven Tournament Final.pdf

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We designed the 321 so that it should not compete with the Pro-Am.

Some of the reasoning and differences are highlighted below:

  • the same weekend tends to be the slowest in the summer in Fair Haven so people have a better chance of finding reservations
  • Low entry fee (lower prize money as a result compared to Pro Am)
  • only 3 fish over 2 days can be weighed in with no points per fish (only total weight) which gives everyone a shot at winning from novice to professional

  The Pro-Am is a great tournament and draws a competetive crowd who are dedicated to the tournament series - this is for the other folks who are not interested in the Pro AM (for whatever personal reason - i.e travel, fees, etc...), who never leave the Port of Fair Haven, or who might be in or coming to the FH area.


  If you have any questions download the pdf file or PM me.

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Just a reminder to sign up at Screwy Louie's

Have some fun and support the local pen project at the same time

Call 315-709-9958 if you have any questions

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