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cayuga Happy 4TH

DJ 17

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Hit the water at 6:30-11:00 with Forester Dave. Fished from Sheldrake to Deans.  60-200 fow.  Went about 18 for 20 or so.  Purple/silver spoons did some damage but the majority of our fish came on the wire with a green SD and a Dirty White Boy fly tied up by Minion!  Nothing huge, mostly lakers, a few short landlocks with a beautiful 4# rainbow to end on that hit a 4 color core with a 3 oz dive bomb pulling a stinger chicken wing.  Had a few flea issues, but not too bad yet.

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Nice going Dennis.  Signalman and I were out there too from Dean's north and saw a lot of bait pods and fish in 100 inward but not much beyond that. depthwise. The wind was a real pain so we kept going north on the west side. We picked up 4 small landlocks and two half way decent lakers all in the shallower depths and little in the way of fleas. Nothing on the Spinney/fly stuff all on  spoons run clean.

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