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Genny Launch Rock Chucking - Illegal?

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I wondered why the bottom came up so fast about 20 ft out from the docks.  Now I know (found out yesterday)








Last picture shows the splash.  This jerk is heaving boulders out it to the river as far as he can!    Anyone else would get into a lot of trouble for that with the ACof Eng, DEC & EPA.  Guess it’s a lot cheaper for the developer to heave them out there than hire trucks to haul them away.  Funny how after just a couple of pix that a Monroe County Sheriff came screaming up to the  launch and started giving everyone a very suspicious eye.  Very suspicious activity going on there indeed! But you were looking the wrong way officer!


Be careful backing out from the launch!  (How much money did we taxpayers pay to have the river dredged?)


Docks at launch are beautiful but that doesn't mean a developer can chuck boulders into the river! 


Tom B.


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Tom,can you please send these pics to the DNC with the explanation you gave us? The arrival of the officer,shows that the city knows more about it and may be in cahoots.

Thank you,Cornelis.

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