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Couldn't ask for a better day!


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A great day spent with Captain Matt French of Class A Sportfishing! There is no better place for a good bachelor party than a day spent fishing. We headed out on 9/15 and couldn't have planned for better weather. All of us as first timers going after this caliber of fish felt very welcomed and in no time we were landing double and triple sets! (Well all except for an individual we will leave nameless that seems to have worse luck than most lol) we can't wait to go again! Thanks Matt and Tom you guys are second to none!

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That was a fun Day for sure...Thanks to Mossyhorns Jeff and his crew.

 I was in contact with Jeff in the days leading up to the scheduled trip. The Lake was horrible Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I explained to Jeff that the forecast for Tuesday was fishable, but probably some left over rollers from the three days of turbulent west winds. The group decided to start a little later on Tuesday (Good call) and we left the dock at 11:00. The Lake was like glass. I had previously spoke to a few of the Rochester Captains who were already out , and they told me the good temperature was waaaay down deep. I ran out to 130 ft of water and it was 63 degrees to the floor. Wandered North to the 160 ft range. Temp was better , but there was a solid blanket of bait on the bottom. Later I learned that the bait stretched from Sandy Creek to at Ginna....That's a ton of bait. Once I got out to 180ft, I saw some targets on the bottom. Dropped down the cowbell rigs and it was a pretty good Lake Trout bite...with 220-240 feet of cable out (weird current).  Now it gets interesting.....The future groom looses the first 7 fish..... Talk about bad luck! LOL...   Well we managed to boat 8 Lakers and lost another 4. I was happy to see that most of the Lakers were around the 30inch mark really nice fish.  As the day went on, we picked up and ran in to try for some staging Kings. We sent up in front of the River and trolled Mag glow spoons and J plugs. Within 5 minutes of setting up the Starboard Rigger goes and guess whose there? Yup.... Mr. Bad luck.... The King ran at the boat, under rigger cables, bulldogged to the bottom and as predicted....we lost him at the boat. Uuuuggh!!! Re-set time and we troll for quite a while until the port Slide diver gets hammered. Jeff grabs the rod and the pi$$ed off king is hell bent for shoe leather. Jeff muscled him to the net and that was a wrap. No other bites. With the conditions we faced with the less than stellar Salmon run and the wicked weather, I was pretty pleased with the ending result. Thanks again to the guys for a great season end for me.  

     Good luck to everyone still hitting the lake  and tight lines.....

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