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Rough weekend on Erie

Sluggo / NY

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Fished Friday thru Monday out of Barcelona Harbor. Friday was a decent day.. weather wise.. but no-one I spoke with did well. We ended up with four decent eyes and released a 20 pound+ laker. Saturday thru Monday were terrible. Winds picked up.. making trolling almost impossible. All three days we were the only rig parked in the harbor. In fact.. a few of the locals accused us of being insane.. to which I agreed. We did manage to pick up two or three each day.. but we earned them. Probably one more trip up to the St. Lawrence.. then wait for the herd to arrive on my local river here. By the way.. everything came on stick-baits from 90 to 110 feet of water. Never really patterned them as one would come from 35 down.. the next from 70. Not a very productive trip, but fun as usual and it sure beat working! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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Landed 5 sunday dropped another 3 - Out of the Catt a little East  - 175 back outside dipsey - 153 back inside dipsey - Rigger 70 down knocked a few times too but we only brought in one from it.  78 fow was best. Great marks from 74-82fow.  Blue chatter sticks , Blue & green harness and Black & Pink harness worked. The Lake flattened out.  We started out Perch fishing. Made several moves but only 3 fish by 11am. We then trolled til kickoff

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