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Crazy weather! Snow?


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What's going on up there as far as weather? In the north east of PA. we could see our first flakes, some had measurable snow!! It's now 29* with 15/20 mph winds. UUGGG not already. Thanks for any weather reports from YOUR area!!!

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Couple inches and still coming down.

6:45 am

How are ya? I was docked next to you guys at Mike's in early to mid 2000s. My name is Steve. I wanted to shout out a "hi", been a few years. I had the 1990 Penn Yan Tempest Hard Top. My bad for forgetting names, but we broke stones a few times. If you see Mike and Beth, tell them I said "HI" I miss it up there. Steve......" I still have the '90 Penny"

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