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Diver longline rope

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I recently started hunting deeper water. I switched my diver rig from anchors to long line style. I need to buy some rope. Anyone have any suggestions. Floating or sinking line? Thanks in advance

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I do what Missdemeanor does - Doctari long lines and I've got 12 slot decoy bags that we store the decoys in with the line and drops attached.  Typically with diver decoys, as long as you aren't using oversided dekes, you can get 2 dekes per slot so you can pack 24 decoys per bag.  You just need to make sure that when setting them out again after they've been bagged, to start with the last decoy that you put in the bag.  That way when they feed out from the back they don't get tangled and pull out from the top.  If you start setting with the first decoy you put in the bag you'll have some issues and decoys won't want to feed out of the bags and slots smoothly. 

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