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I think there may be browns off Wolfe Is, I would look for sandy shallows in March & April and fish them with planer boards.


There are browns in the North Channel and they must be around Amherst Is also. Shouldn't be any different around your island.


Lotsa luck


David  aka  Superdad

Kingston, ON

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Thanks super dad. I fish them around Wolfe Island quite abit in the spring. Maybe it's just bad timing maybe bad luck but I've never had great luck. I do get a few every spring but nothing like they do in other places

The good news is at least I'm on the water enjoying what I love to do.

Thanks again Superdad and have a great season.

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Just make sure you focus on the best water to up your odds.


Keep it shallow early in the year.


Look for stained water....


If you can't find any coloured water (by that i mean you can't see your outboard motor prop), then do the opposite....go deeper...25' to 35'...use natural looking baits and smaller spoons...


Or if all else fails, follow Superdad around. :)

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I have fished both the east and the west side of the Islands at the entrance of the Seaway when my daughter in law attended Queens University in Kingston. The east side is usually a bit better in early spring. I think that it has to do with the water being protected from the cold water hitting the west shores as it passes into the St. Laurens. What I mostly remember about Wolfe Island is "swoosh swoosh swoosh".

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