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indian River Chain Lake

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post-148929-0-89553400-1461533540_thumb.jpgpost-148929-0-48365800-1461533470_thumb.jpgpost-148929-0-13065600-1461533578_thumb.jpg A buddy and I fished an indian river lake this morning and caught 60 to 70 crappies we threw all crappies back due to size. Most were 8" we did catch a few that were 10" and one that was 13 1/2 still good morning. He was using live minnows and I was using plastics I would say we were dead even on catching about the same amount. I wish I knew what the water temp was I may go back down later in the week after work and see if the big ones are in yet if I do I will try to find out the water temp. Tight lines.

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That's what I was thinking. Kevin what is your take on the perch do you think it is still yet to come or did most of us miss it with the way the weather has been, thanks.

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