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Classic Division:

1. Shark Tank - Capt. Greg Gehrig

2. Yankee Troller - Capt. Rich Hajecki

3. Thrillseeker - Capt. Vince Pierleoni

4. Free Spirit - Capt. Paul Czarnecki


Trophy Division:

1. Shark Tank 

2. Yankee Troller

3. Dirty Goose - Capt Casey Prisco

4. Thrillseeker


Big Fish - Shark Tank with almost a 24lb king


4 places paid in each division - tough/grind bit for most but pockets of good fishing as well.  Only 3 boats all weekend had a 12 fish limit catch (all on Friday).


Complete scoreboard viewable at LOU on Instant Reports section......



Team Thrillseeker

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