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I've found that 1 gopro is nice, but to get all the different angles of the action for a sweet video you need 3 or 4 of them.  I have 4 and usually have 3 fixed mounted in different locations around the boat and 1 mobile that is usually head mounted.  They're all wirelessly controlled with a single remote at the helm.  Can turn em all on, off, record, stop, etc... all from one spot.  Makes it super easy.


The other thing you need is some powerful video editing software.  I use Power Director 14.  Takes some time to learn all that you can do and i'm just scratching the surface.  You get pretty fast at it... all that footage was captured yesterday and I finished the video last night so you can pump em out if you dedicate time to it.


Oh and it's a lot of work....  charging gopros every night and bringing them on and off the boat each day.  Not to mention downloading all the files each day and sifting through the GBs of video for the "right" scenes and tying them together.  It's cool though... I do it to better collect the memories.  I have over 1TB of go pro video from this season and will likely be putting together some more comprehensive videos over the winter when I have some more time.


Tight Lines guys... and good luck to all that are in the Salmon Showdown this weekend!!

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Fellow Salmon Fisherman on the East End:

Don't forget to sign up for this weekend's 2 day Salmon Showdown. Registration is open until midnight tonight. Only $30 per boat to enter!

Largest 2 fish King Salmon box between both days of fishing. Total combined weight, winner take all!

Weigh in is at Bedford Creek Marina at 3pm on Saturday (pizza and wings provided) and 2pm on Sunday.

Look forward to meeting all those who sign up and show up at the weigh in!


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A good question was raised about the salmon showdown this weekend so wanted to clarify for everyone entered.

All fish "bump" between Saturday and Sunday. Your 2 largest fish combined weight count as your total.

i.e. if you weigh in a 21lb and 25lb on Saturday, you can still weigh in a 27lb and 28lb on Sunday. The 27lb and 28lb would be your team total.

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The temperatures all screwy it was 46 degrees 40 feet down. Didn't mark near the fish that were there last weekend. Even ran all the way down to the dunes more consistent temperature but the fish just wouldn't bite. And I never saw a net come out this morning even in the trench before we left

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Holy cow combat fishing out there right now!  Calm winds allowed me to to get out to the wall this morning before the fleet arrived and hooked up 60' down with a 20' lead to my NK spoon off a snap weight and had a visitor roll up from behind me as I was fighting it below the yak.  before too long I was being trolled towards Canada and realized I was now wrapped up on one or more of their lines after they passed me.  They got my only snap weight but at least got my favorite spoon back.  Must have been a sight to see a kayak a mile out hooked into a large fish but give some space out there guys, I don't take up much room and not a lot of line out.  Marking lots of bait and good hooks among it anywhere from 40' -80' down over 110'.  Tried vertical jigging a little until traffic got heavy and headed back to camp so not to disrupt any boats paths.

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