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Good steelie action 40-50 down over 150-170fow off of Webster. If you drop below that to 80-105 down there were nice 12-15 lb lakers suspended taking a spinny and fly and an occasional spoon. Mixed in a small king also. We actually boated a steelie, king and laker within a 10 minute span at one point. Doubled up numerous times. It was kind of a flood or famine day. Riggers with sliders, divers and 300 copper. We stayed between nine mile point and the white house. Total of 3 for 4 on steelies, one king and 8 lakers. Big steelie about 9 or 10 lbs, big laker about 15 lbs. Steelies were putting on awesome aerial shows. Pretty much skipped the photo ops in lieu of quick releases. Attached photo of best spoons and fly.



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Yesterday afternoon I went out for a bit. The waves were about 3 footers with a brisk wind. I caught one jack and went back in. When I tried to dock I found out that the rubber bumpers at the end of the docks are missing. Now I have a long gauge on the side. So be forewarned.

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