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60 + Lb King


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Don Northern B.C
Hello Stan. 
Just over 60lbs on your watermelon anchovie bait head. Thanks very much for the dodger as well.  FYI I attach dodger directly
to down rigger ball with bait head dragging just behind it so your just
fighting the fish when they strike.  That's what I love about the wire on
your set up as it allows for perfect cripple roll without flasher/dodger on main
2nd e-mail I received today
Hello Stan ..... here is another  .... not quite as big but still a monster.
We fish out of Kitimat in the Douglas Channel/norther B.C.
Not unusual to get into 30's and 40's but much tougher to get into the 50+
Can't say enough about your lure .... in the past we used anchovies in a
conventional holder and often you just couldn't get the roll right
particularly as I prefer the flasher off the downrigger.
All the best.
Edited by stan
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