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Wilson/Olcott this weekend

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I'm heading up this weekend from Thursday till Sunday for the 1st trip of the year. Was wondering if anyone has any starting tips that could help us beat the learning curve day? Looks like there's some good action in the Wilson/Olcott area.


How about the Bar? I know in the past there have been years that we've hit some nice kings hanging off the dropoff past the red can this time of the year.


Also, looks like a marginal East wind will be starting again. Does going deeper (400-500") affect the salmon out deeper as much as in close? It's just amazing to watch that fishfinder & when the East wind starts to watch the fish go from being active all thru the screen & drop into the mud & become basically "bottom structure". 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Tight lines & Be Safe!

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Reelpower & Killians. I really appreciate the help. I sent a PM to you with my info. Hope we can share info & put a hurt on the salmon population!


B safe!

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