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New to Lake Ontario

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I'll be making my first trip to LO Labor day weekend. I tried to make trip #1 last week with the admiral, but trailer bearing overheated 3 hrs from home near Cincinnati. I used to work a lot at several paper mills near Lake Michigan, and did a lot of salmon fishing in Michigan. After retiring, I kept going to the same ports that I was used to, but the last few years salmon fishing in Lake Michigan has really gone downhill. I started looking at a map and realized that Olcott, NY is ony 45 mins. drive farther from home than Luddington, MI so thought I'd give it a try after seeing good fishing reports. If I get my trailer fixed I'll be arriving in Olcott Wednesday evening. I'll post reports on how I do.

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Most boats will be running Flasher/Flies off downriggers and dipsy divers. I've been to Olcott only once in the late '80's. We will be fishing the East end of the lake where staging salmon are usually in abundance. Occasional spoons are used but the majority of salmon caught are caught on the FF combo. Good luck with your trip sir, sad to hear the Luddington fishery has  gone south...........tight lines........Pete

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