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Genny 7/13

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All my life growing up in rochester fishing hedges and Ibay, well a new chapter has unfolded. For the first time took the boat up the river to chase some bass/eyes. No eyes but slaughtered the largemouth. Fished from 6-9am and ended up with 15-20 bass, some smallies and my first catfish, 8-10lber and a couple nice northerns, one being my uncles first. Good stuff going on in the river, next week I'll have more time to go chase the eyes upriver, didn't get much past turning point b/c of time restraint.

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A buddy of mine says he went up as far as he could go in a boat last fall for Kings. Nightfall came, so he said he drifted back downriver to the bridge, and anchored. He hung his Coleman lantern out on a downrigger boom so he could see his lines, and drifted egg sacks. 15 minutes later, his rod got yanked out of a pole holder! He grabbed it just as it hit the water, and thought it was a monster king, till it was in the net... he proceeded to catch 1 channel cat after another for over an hour. I can't wait to get up there and see it for myself. Everytime we go, we catch something different. Steelies, bass, pike, etc.

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