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why is it that i have 81 reply on this site with no replys i guess all you guys are with in yourself what is this board about all the sALMON GUIDES ALL I ASK WAS FOR YOUR OPION IS IT THAT HARD TO REPLY TO AND ANS

Be patient, you only gave it a little over 24 hrs for a reply. Most of these guys were fishing hard at the tourney all weekend. I'm sure they didn't run home and log in, then again I could be wrong.

I do know responses like this wont get you anywhere. If no body answers assume they had nothing to say and move on. That is what I have done with my unanswered posts.


As an aside I haven't used a FF on the lake yet. I had a Sitex cvs-209 on my previous ocean boat and loved it. I also had a stand alone Raymarine c70 chart plotter, loved it also.

I now own a lake boat as I sold the ocean boat. With little space for electronics I went with the lowrance 535 or something like that. My opinion is I should have stayed with the raymarine. Too many menu's and buttons to push to get anything done on the lowrance. If I just want to lower my range I have to open a menu, sub menu and scoll down the move the cursor to the range I want. Good units have a range in and out button, one press gets the job done. That is just my opinion. I wish I had spent the extra money now.

I like the unit for its FF but it is the menu's that kill it.

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Easy there big fella. Lots of looks and no replies doesn't mean no one wants to help. This topic has been discussed in great detail recently. I used the search function (top right) and found these topics for you (took about 1 minute):

http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishin ... php?t=5075

http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishin ... hlight=gps

http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishin ... ht=fcv+620

For the record, this is the chartplotter and the FF I use:

http://www.standardhorizon.com/indexVS. ... Archived=0

http://www.raymarine.com/ProductDetail. ... ODUCT=1709

Good luck with your search.

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Like CaptSpike said, a lot of guys were tied up with the ProAm this weekend. It wouldn't hurt to do a little research on your own as sponge pointed out also. We try our best to answer everyone's questions as soon as we can, but not everyone is glued to the site 24/7. As most fishermen know, patience is a virtue.

I have a Humminbird 937c with the 50/200w xducer and gps accessory. I've found it to be an excellent unit for the bucks I've got in it. Let us know what kind of moola you're looking to spend as we can't make a relevant recommendation without it.

Good luck to you on the water this year.

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All I can say is WOW :shock: Lowrance has a couple of good combos but I don't own one I have seperate units so if one fails I have the other so I'm not out there with out anything I run a Furuno 620 FF and a lowrance 5200 GPS with a nav chip.

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