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Going to try Arnold Lake near Cooperstown this weekend

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Going to try Arnold Lake near Cooperstown this weekend

Hey guys, just wondering if anybody has been ice fishing here, with any luck.  I think I might give this lake a try either Saturday or Sunday.  Looks pretty deep for a small lake.  Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

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Arnold is a very deep lake on the end closest to the outlet, sloping steadily about to mid lake 60 feet deep. Then gradually shallower toward the far south end. It has some nice trout. Splake, and browns and rainbows, however i don't think Splake are common anymore. Ice fishing for trout is allowed. I haven't fished there in nearly 30 years, but it was good for tipup and minnow rigs. I don't think I ever caught any panfish, but probably some there on the far end shallower water. Pickerel, bluegill, rock bass are encountered where the weed lines are. Parking is limited pretty much to the roadside. I m not sure much of the road around the lake is maintained in the winter. 4x4 truck, suv, might be a good idea if you have it.

The lake is situated on a high elevation and is bottom spring fed mostly. Quite a few camps, some year round, are around the shore near the outlet. Due to its elevation, it is quite cold there most of the time. I can say, the only place I ever got frost bite was there. I was alone and catching browns on tipup. The wind was blowing, the air was below zero, I was grabbing wet fish and baiting wet minnows. Next thing I know, my fingers went from stinging cold to feeling warmer somehow. I knew it wasn't good, so I went quick to my IH Scout and started the engine to warm my fingers. I had to go back out and collect my gear yet. That was tough. A week or so later my fingers peeled skin. They are still sensitive to cold to this day! That's how I fondly remember Arnold Lake!

My son still fishes there occasionally, if I can ask him he might have been there and have recent Intel. Good luck and be careful of the outlet area ice. I have no idea the conditions at all right now, so go with caution!


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