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For the last several years, LOTSA’s net pen project located in Olcott NY has been one of the most successful pen projects in New York, producing some of the largest and healthiest young salmon and steelhead seen on the south shore of Lake Ontario.

One of the keys to the success of this project is largely due to the cooperation and participation of the Town of Newfane Marina employees. Over the years they have ensured that almost every scheduled feeding has taken place. This has resulted in consistent growth and a high quality end product for all of us to enjoy. They have done a great job, and we thank them for their tireless efffort. Through 2016, the baby fish have been fed five times per day by broadcasting the feed little bits at a time over the top of the pens. The food drops through the net on top of the pens falling to the waiting fish. Depending on how the food is spread and the size of handful used, food could possibly make it all the way through the pen without being eaten. This year (2017) we have purchased automatic feeders (pictured below) for the pens. There will be two feeders suspended over each pen. Over the course of twelve hours food will be trickled very slowly into the pens allowing for a more consistent feed and hopefully no waste.


Volunteers are always needed and welcomed. Please come out and help the club and the fishery.




Some key dates to remember for 2017 are:

April 8th The pens will be assembled and placed into the water. Lots of help is needed for this, Bring side cutters.

April 9th-15th At some point yet to be determined this week the fish will be delivered. Very fun and interesting. Bring the kids!

May 4th Pens will be removed and cleaned. There is never enough help for this evolution. Lunch will be provided.


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Nice post Alan - good luck this year with the pens!  :yes:

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