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Fair Haven Net Pen Work Day

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Fair Haven Net Pen Work Day

If there is anyone available to help out on the net pens - we will be having a work day on Saturday, April 1st at 1:00 on the northern side of the Bayside Marina property where the net pens are stored.  Please bring an upbeat attitude and wire snips.  We need to replace up to six wheels and have over 1,000zipp ties available to help secure the nets.  Right now the weather looks a bit damp fr Fair haven, but it is still seven days out.  This will be a rain or shine even and any and all help is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you,

Phil of the

Fair Haven Fishing Association

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Thank you to everyone who was able to make it or made an attempt to make it to the "work day" for the net pen project. Fortunately the pens were in much better shape than we had anticipated, net-wise, and with the hands available the nets were firmly secured and we should not lose any of the little guys. The wheels are on and just need to be secured (don't quite fit, but with Werner's ingenuity they will be secure before the fish arrive.
The fish should be coming around the second or third full week of April and with the weather more than likely the second (it is water temperature dependent so that they do not get shocked). We will post as soon as any of us receive word (it may be short notice - as little as a few days but usually almost a week).
We also had a short meeting as is normal after the pen work is done - going over the state of the lake information, pen project information, expenses, and balance.
Thanks again and it was fun catching up with familiar and new faces alike.

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