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Wanted looking for 124 walker deeper divers

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looking for 124 walker deeper divers

looking for a couple of 124 walker deeper divers, preferally in black but i do have some paint so any color would do. 






only looking because so jerk at the niagra bar ran me up on it with his 35 foot cabin cruiser running over 100 ft of line on both side off a set of planer boardsin the middle of 20 other boats. he ran me up on the drop off and i couldn't get all my lines up in time and I lost all my line off one rod, the dipsy and the flasher fly I was using all because he was to stupid to know what a steering wheel is and did not want to get off of auto pilot and mess up his track. next time I will run over his board and cut it off. :mooning:

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I try hard to stay away from people and this still happens, there used to be a things called courtesy, decency, and common sense. but not any more. u betcha has none, that's for sure.  :envy:

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