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Breakdown at work... got out early last night. home nap and out to fish for a few hrs fished just over 2 hrs 7-8 same water I fished all yr red barn 180ish today got my biggest king of the yr to the boat in the net out the net back in the net into the back of the boat kick and plop in the water swims away mid 20s....temp moved up a little riggers at 55 and 65 divers out 180-200 every rod took fish white cherished glow with meat,mntdew atomic green crinkle,green blade sd with chrushed glow tape with a green crinkle cut and and necular sd with green crinkle cut


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lt119 I feel your pain, about 8 years ago on a buddy's boat I was netting a 10 plus pound walleye for him and the treble caught the edge of the net.  Before I could get the net backed into the boat it flopped over the edge of net and my buddies walleye was lost, been taking guff for it ever since.  Yesterday the same buddy was netting a nice steelhead on my boat, was a great fight etc.  Had fish on its side gliding in nice, my buddy caught the treble on outside edge of the net and before I could reach its gills the fish was gone so my buddy and I are finally even lol.  Random BS happens when fishing.

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