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For my copper, I use a small SPRO swivel (small enough to fit through rod eyelets) to connect the copper to mono, then I have 75ft of 25lb mono with a leader on the end to attach lures.


copper-->haywire twist knot to swivel-->clinch knot from swivel to mono

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I had a typo above.  After the copper and SPRO heavy swivel, I use 75ft of mono with a coast lock swivel attached to it.   I don't use a separate leader, since it's already mono.  Here's the swivel to fit through the rod guides:





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Copper I use a cable wrap twice thru swivel eye then tight sequence roll wraps about ten to connect swivel then add mono of choice to other end uni knot  

No swivel simply double copper & install leader via Albright knot coat with plio bond cement to smooth out connection or any pliable liquid cement 








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Knots What kind of knots dose everyone use when making leaders and when connecting copper to leaders, had some bad luck yesterday, my old faithful knot isn't as good as I thought it was, lost some spoons. 

The two popular choices are
1. An Albright knot
2. Use a heavy swivel for copper your leader connection. Haywire twist on the copper side and Palomar on the leader side

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