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Where would you go, why?

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Wait, you said mixed bag...


Oswego, kings (mixed ages, matures too) by July, browns readily available in 50-90FOW and 2 year olds and steelies offshore. Quick trip to deep water.


There is more than enough opportunity for consistent fishing if you are flexible. Does it need to be the same routine day after day to be consistent?


For example, I have been offshore in 650FOW catching steelies, salmon, and suspended lakers on an afternoon charter, then in 15-20FOW the next morning catching quality browns. Wind played a factor in the decision of where to go when; but opportunity was there.


Most times, our good lakers have passed through by July but are within a 45 minute run...


As far as Oswego itself,


More than enough places to stay from $40 to $180 a night within 10 minutes of the launch or your charter. 


If towing, Wright's Landing is one of the better launches on the lake and is currently one of the few open in this high water. If hiring a charter, the East and West side marinas offer decent parking, nearby bathrooms, and fish cleaning is available per fish if your Captain/Mate doesn't include it already.


Meals, there are several places to eat from pub fare to family owned restaurants to chains.


Hope this helps and good luck!



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Not withstanding the appeal some people feel towards a mixed bag, if I was coming in for a trip it would be at Bluffers Park, Scarborough, Ontario. Here's the current standings of the big Canadian summer derby going on right now:




I think I'd be willing to pass on a lake trout or brown for that quality of fishing. The shoreline East of Toronto historically has fishing like this every July.



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