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Sold / Closed (3) Cannon HS5 for sale $600.00

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I am very interested. Have mag 10's on the boat now but one of the motors is shot and won't bring the ball back up, and another one is slowing down so I have to give them some help coming up. I rung 12 lb torpedo weights.


Do you think that will be a problem as far as the motors go?


Do you know old they are? Not that it matters.


Do you think my extendable booms will fit on the riggers? I think they do.


How do they work, fast retrieve, slow retrieve?


Thank you, I have to get some replacement riggers asap before the LOC Derby. I have 4 downriggers on my boat and am running wingers on the side, 2 dipseys rods with wire, and if the weather is nice, I run a copper outfit and a leadcore.


Thank you and hopefully they are available.


You can answer here or send me a text at 315-408-8246      JAMES

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