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2017 6th Annual A-TOM-MIK Invitational Full Results

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2017 6th Annual A-TOM-MIK Invitational Full Results

1st 184.20 Oh Baby
2nd 182.60 Royal Flush
3rd 122.20 Praying Mantis 
4th 181.40 Angling Addict
5th 171.50 Finders Keepers
6th 168.80 Thrillseeker
7th 167.75 5 More Minutes
8th 166.70 Mr. Tex
9th 164.80 Sami's Mad Sierra
10th 163.00 Cold Steel 
11th 157.10 Hot Pursuit Two
12th 156.85 Reel Dilemma
13th 156.25 Hot Wires
14th 155.35 Trout One
15th 153.30 Primetime

16th 150.40 Big Cat

17th 147.75 Screwy Louie's
18th 147.55 Hook-n-Up
19th 145.40  High Adventure
20th 144.05 On the Lam
21st 144.00 Screamer/A-TOM-MIK
22nd 143.20 High Voltage
23rd 141.20 A-TOM-MIK
24th 140.75 Sammy Dog
25th 138.95 Second Nature
26th 135.80 Cannonball
27th 135.25 Meat Wagon
28th 134.55 Bandio III
29th 133.80 Smashmouth
30th 131.75 Time Fly's
31st 129.65 All Out Road Show
32nd 124.50 Hideout
33rd 123.85 Water Wolf
34th 122.75 Team Bikini
35th 112.45 Yankee One
36th 110.15 Two Fish
37th 107.10 Reel Deal
38th 104.75 Kings Ransom
39th 90.95 Top Gun
40th 83.35 Tall Tails
41st 74.75 Backlash
42nd 45.70 Blue Eyed Lady
43rd 28.50 Seaducktion
44th 20.80 Tri-Lakes
45th-48th DNW Whiskey Runner, Lumpy's Lunkers
Irish Knots, Rockets

Edited by A-TOM-MIK

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19 hours ago, reeldilemma33 said:


Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United

I hope he's correct. It's his tournament. :lol:

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