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Ideas for new boat

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Ideas for new boat

I have a 20 yr old fiberglass cc 17' 90hp in a lift on Seneca that suits me well for trolling/bass and occasional skiing/tubing, however it is a pain to take out (no launch close by) and trailer to nearby lakes.  With that in mind I am thinking of getting a 2nd boat to keep at home that I could trailer to different lakes to open up fishing possibilities.  I have mainly fished Seneca and would like to explore other fingers.  I'd like to find something in the 5-10k range.  I have been looking at some deep v side console aluminum fishing boats which seem well equipped for bass fishing but want to get some opinions on people's trolling setups with these (downrigger placement, etc).  I generally fish solo so I'd like something that is fairly light and easy to trailer, but sometimes have one other person with me.  Any ideas on specific yrs/models/horsepower/ setups appreciated,  new vs used, etc.  thanks!



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