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Crop planting

bout time

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The farm I hunt leases the land out to Co-Ops for crops.
This year the never planted anything and have turned the field over and are dragging them today.
I stopped and talked to them and they will not be planting anything this year and they have given me the go ahead to do so.
What is good to plant this late in the season if anything ?
'Bout Time

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Your best bet now is Winter Rye, wheat or Austrian winter peas. It's to late to plant any brassicas to have decent results. Just buy AG grade seed at local Agway store. I'm putting some more Winter Rye in next week myself.

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Yes to winter rye.  My neighbor farms a lot of rye straw and he is plowing and seeding this week.  The rye usually gets a few inches tall before winter and seems to draw deer late season if there is no corn around.  It is also the first thing to green up in the spring and then they cut and bale it before it seeds out in early summer.  

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