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The North Side

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The North Side

Been on here for a long time but never posted this is my first post.  I am recently retired and have plenty of time to do my favorite past times which are fishing and hunting. I am on the north side of the lake Ontario Canada but a Trump supporter I sent him 100 Canadian dollars for his campaign a year ago that's about $70 US. 


I am a avid fisherman but only fished the smaller lakes for Walleye, Bass, Crappie I use to fish big O back in the 80's actually placed second in the biggest Brown trout for the Toronto Sun Derby.  I am heading out in the next couple of days for some fun on lake O wondering what is the bait/lure of choice to be able to land some of the big kings these days.  I have all kinds of lures  from the days of old NK"s J-plugs Evil Eyes ect.  If you can help me put some fish in the boat my father of 85 years would be grateful.



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