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1992 galaxy 21 ft worth buying?

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Hi everyone, I have a family friend looking to offload his boat. It's a 1992 galaxy 21ft walk around. It's got the 4.3 v6 with Volvo penta duo drive. Motor runs great but boat hasn't been in the water for 3 years. Also, it's been in salt water. The lower unit looks pretty narly. He made me a deal for next to nothing, I mean hundreds of dollars, to take the boat. Is that outdrive shot? Anyone have any experience with these boats




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If it is hundreds I would definitely buy it. The trailer alone is worth more than that. As for the lower unit, parts can be replaced. Salt water is not neccesarily the great evil it often is claimed to be. If that engine has a heat exchanger and it has been flushed properly after use it might not be problem at all. If it has a raw water intake and it was not flushed properly ,then it is more of a problem. Ask your family friend if you can take it to a marine maintenance mechanic and have him check engine and boat. Take it from there.

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At that price to only real deal breaker would be wet or rotted wood in the hull, transom, and structural bulkheads. The cost to repair any of these would be more than the repaired boat is worth.

For a boat that old, check to see if the fuel tank and hoses are easily accessible. The old fuel should be siphoned and disposed, the tank should be pulled and inspected, and the fuel fill, fuel delivery, and vent hoses should all be replaced.

Try every electrical circuit. Some boats have a lot of electrical problems and chasing them down and replacing wiring is doable, but it’s a lot of time and effort.

Consider some kind of offer contingent upon actual repair costs.

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Galaxy was a cheap boat back in its day, I would not be surprised if you found structural issues.  If you are getting it for hundreds, that trailer is worth more than that. 

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