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Found-Hunting Beagle (Painted Post/Erwin)


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Got Home from a a Super Bowl party last night and this beagle was sitting on the front porch. I live on Kane Road in Painted Post, basically at the end of Beartown Road where it meets 417. Haven’t seen her before, but there were some guys hunting the town gravel pits on Addison road, maybe it is there dog. She is very sweet and obedient, somebody must be missing her. She is safe and warm in my house. Please spread the word. My name is Jeff




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Yeah - second that.  Even when I took my house beagle hunting (more like a lazy lap dog) she would have nicks and cuts and a red tail.  Anyone that runs dogs knows they get beat up pretty good after a good hunt - especially if there is a lot primrose.

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LOL that sounds familiar, when our beagle would get loose he was on a mission, one night we didn’t find him my daughters were really upset!! The next day we got a call from a elderly lady saying she has Cookie, he’s safe and warm on the couch in a blanket:lol: go figure that’s the life style he lives at home!! She said he jumped up on the couch and wiggled his way into a comforter, and went to sleep, the next day he wanted to go out but she saw the tag on his collar, and called. So glad she did that!!

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