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Cannon downrigger on cannon track system.

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Thinking about using cannon track system to mount my cannon downriggers..Anyone have any pros or cons to offer me?

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What type of boat are you mounting to? Good idea to use a backing plate on the underside to distribute stress. Do not use screws, bolt through, use S/S.

There is an incredible amount of stress on the swivel, mounting pedestal and Gunwhale or whatever your mounting to. Have also heard of bracket or swivel failures.

It is good idea to tether the downrigger with strap or aircraft cable to an independent eye bolt.

The power cable may save you, but who would want to count on that to save your $500+ investment.

On my 16 alum. there was some sideways flex so I added a gusset brace.

Cannon downrigger gusset 001.JPG

Cannon downrigger gusset 003.JPG

Cannon downrigger gusset 006.JPG

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I have a fiberglass boat with no access underneath. .There is no way to nut and bolt it..very informative pics..

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I used 6" to give a little more clearance over my kicker motor. There is not much flex long ways, but there is side to side. If you can only screw from top. I would investigate other options, like mounting the track to a larger piece of alum plate, longer/wider. with more screws to distribute the stresses. Scotty make this "d" mount. Just imagine an 8-10lb cannon ball bouncing on a choppy day. lol

Or heaven forbid you snag something.



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