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3M 4200 or 5200 sealant for mounting transducer board to aluminum boat?


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Jigstick, I did the oversize and epoxy method with every hole I have drilled in my Grady that is drilled through cored fiberglass, and I drilled and epoxied every old hole that had 5200 inside.


I could see on existing holes where I removed stuff on the gunwales that was installed by previous owners that the core had been getting wet. Those all got over drilled, epoxied, then gel coated over.


This method is time consuming and tedious, but gives me great piece of mind for my first ever slip boat.


My boat had a small leak on the port scupper through hull fitting. I was worried I would find rot in the transom when I pulled it off, but luckily the hole for the scupper drain had been prepared with the same method and the wood never even got wet inside the hole. Everything is solid as a rock still.


Those screws for my P66 did come out, luckily, but it was a PITA because the transducer was still stuck to the transom with whatever caulk (probably 5200) was used and I had to work around it.

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