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Laker with worms around stomach?

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Total newbie here. I got a nice lake trout this morning. I went to gut the fish and when I slit the belly open it looked like the stomach or intestines was surrounded my some sort of worms? I don't know how to describe it. The fish otherwise looked healthy and faught like crazy. Now that it's gutted it looks nice and clean. Have others ran into this with fish they've cleaned, and is it safe to eat? Thanls



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  Did these worms squirm a lot?  Did you isolate them from the Stomach and intestines? If no, it sounds like it may have been the Pyloric Cecae, which are worm like projections of the intestines that throw folks off when they are first cleaning fish. 

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After doing a little reading on Google, I do think it was the pyloric cecae. They did not move at all and were isolated to one organ. Thanks for the responses. 

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