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Dan M

Just bought my first boat - mostly pike and bass - want to try Ontario

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Hey all, long time fisherman, just moved back from Charleston SC where I did alot of shark fishing, and jetty fishing in FL.

I bought a 16' Aluminum deep V with a 50hp Johnson on it, and my brother and I have been targeting pike in Conesus and Sodus bay with success.

We launched out of Braddoks bay a few weeks ago, landed a nice brown trout on a rattle trap, and saw a bunch more.

The pike fishing has been not great for us in Conesus, so I thought I'd switch it up a bit. I sold all of my big saltwater reels when I moved, and my current largest reel is a Stradic Ci4+ 4000 with 20# braid and a 7' Avid Medium rod.

Would i be able to run a dipsy ( just learned what they were ) - on that for browns and or lake trout in Ontario?

I just stumbled on this board - tons of great info!

I don't want to go too far out on the lake on my boat - and we don't have downriggers obviously, but I did mount 4 Scotty rod holders to the gunwales.

How far / deep would we have to go to target the browns / lakers now?

Or would you suggest trying something different?

Thanks in advance!

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Get some leadcore for browns. U don't need giant reels or line counters. Low leads will always have a place for you if your targeting browns. There's a company "Chinook stainless divers" out of Rochester and a few guys run those with success for browns. Can be run with a heavy mono or braid setup, smaller line counters will be perfect for that. A nice collection of spoons and stickbaits are all you need. A handful of natural colors for the green/ gin water and some bright oranges / greens for stained water. I'm no expert these are just my experiences. Others will also chime in with better intel too. Good luck !

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Iggy, You will be fine with you 16 footer, watch the weather and pick your days.


I started out in 1990 in an old 16' semi vee with a 40 hp.



This one is 16' 8" deep vee Starcraft  with a 90 Merc. Bought this one new in 1996, still running strong after 22 years on the lake.  Plenty of fish to be had from these multi - species boats.




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Mines a 15 and I have the Scotty rod holders as well.

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