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Chautauqua trolling advice for musky

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Going to Chautauqua this weekend for muskies. I am taking 2 sorta new muskie fisherman and am planning on trolling to make it easy on them. 

Only problem I have never trolled there. Any idea what lures , depths, approx areas I should start at? 


Thanks in advance. 

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So trolling Chautauqua , 2 different approaches bc I view the North end and South end as different lakes bc the depths are so drastically different.

The North end bite has been good all summer with guys running baits 10 to 20' down from 4.2 to 4.8mph. Shad style baits have proven to be best this year for us. Lots of floating weeds and that's the reason for rod tip under the water to catch weeds before they make it to your lure.


The south end was too hot to fish but Saturday we had 77 degree water temps so it's fishable again, down south shorter lines work best bc it's not as deep like 25 to 45 back on 5" bakers.

Colors like perch and Goldie's produce daily.

Fish seem to turn on n off quickly. Friday evening we had 4 in 90 minutes with 7.5" baits doing best.



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Plz ask questions if I missed something important.

As for areas, long point to Bell tower out in the open water has been best for us 10 to 15 down over that 30 to 35 fow, at 39 muskies so far for the boat this summer running this pattern.

Best wishes and make sure to have release tools in the boat= hook cutters, long pliers etc.


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