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I’d like to target Browns in the next couple weeks. I have a small Lund and can’t go a mile off shore for salmon unless it’s a VERY calm day. My question is how deep do you target Browns when the surface temp is as warm as it is right now? I have riggers but I don’t have a fish hawk to find the ideal temps down below. Plus Lake O is quite a commute for me. So I was hoping you guys could give me some pointers to save me a little experimenting time since I’ll only have 2 days out there before I have to head back home. Do you fish tighter to the bottom this time of year?  Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  tight lines

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After midnite they are right in the harbor entrances, used to catch a lot of them in between the jettys at Oswago and off the entrance to Sodus Bay.  We would troll for walleyes and cast to the structure at the same time.  we used all the Storm lures, they were great lures 20 years ago.  These were not big fish, 28 inches probably the biggest but greagt hits and good fight.  All summer long......jk

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