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My daughter’s muskies

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Dad and i have been doing pretty well lately, and there aren’t really any kids left in the campground. So, we have been able to get my 9 year old daughter out in the boat with us for a little bit the last couple weekends. She had previously caught one smaller muskie each of the last two seasons. Im so happy she picked a good time to get out and got a few decent fish. She got 3 one morning a week ago and a couple more saturday evening. The last one was really nice and about all she can handle now. It jumped all the way out of the water when she was reeling it in too. We are very happy and proud. IMG_2163.JPGIMG_2167.JPGIMG_2205.JPG



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Happy and Proud, indeed!  Congrats to you, your dad, and your daughter!  Awesome experience, and I am sure an even better story for her to tell all of her friends at school today. :yes:


Next time....let your father sit in a pic with her!  haha

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