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Kevin J Legg

Muzzleload opener

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My brother who is 73 and his wife came up for the opening weekend. He shot a large doe one minute into the season in a spot I put him in about 60 yards from the truck. A half hour latter I shot a 4 point. We were able to drive the truck right to the deer and neither one took a step. Great family day.



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where I hunt its about 150 yrds from the road. I killed a deer there 10 yrs in a row.. but have went dry the last 3 yrs. they had a big kill off 3 yrs ago and I've only hunted a few days each yr during our ml season. last yr my son hinted about 75 yrds from the road across the rd from where I hunt. ha saw several deer and got a nice doe. it you find a good spot close to the rd it will pay off big.

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