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Cayuga Dean's Cove Launch with Low Lake Level

Reel Doc

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Has anyone launched from Dean's Cove in the past when the lake level is as low as it is now?  I walked to the end of the dock today and my tape measure hit bottom with just 18 inches of water.  Doesn't look like it gets much deeper past the dock either.   Does DEC ever dig out all the silt and dead leaves on the bottom?   I'm assuming Taughannock is the only spot on the West side that has a channel deep enough to launch.  Anyone with past experience please let me know.

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1 hour ago, spoonfed-1 said:

I launched a 16 ft aluminum out of Deans in January a couple seasons ago without a problem. Just couldn't use the dock. LOL It didn't get any shallower on the way out.

Did you drive your trailer beyond the end of the dock then?  Does the ramp extend out farther?

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Yes and yes. It was during the typical low water winter draw down. I don't remember the edge of the water being beyond the end of the dock though if thats what you mean. My trailer tires did not drop off anything.


But then again I will get my little 16 footer in anywhere I want to get it in no matter how low the water is.  LOL


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47 minutes ago, darkwater1 said:

Just drove in about half way and pick up the motors and drift till I can grab the dock with the hook getting it back on the trailer is kinda hard if you don't have hip waders

So for loading can you back your trailer in past the dock?  Did your truck get out in the water far?  I'm a little nervous about having the whole thing get stuck.  Have 4 wheel drive but..... maybe should drive down to Taughannock

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Wellcraft walk-around 24 foot.  I'm worried the motor weight on the back end will be a problem.  I suppose if I get out but can't get back in will just have to keep fishing until the lake level rises. :lol:

Supposed to be a little warmer next weekend but I think will go to Taughannock.  When the lake level is up we can't fit under the bridge but should be fine now.

Thanks for the info.

43 minutes ago, darkwater1 said:

What kind of boat are you using?


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35 minutes ago, Reel Doc said:

Went by on my way back from Taughannock and saw one rig in the parking lot.  Was that you?  Find some fish?

Nah, I wish  ;-)  I did actually drive by Taughannock, though, checking to see how rough the lake might be but I couldn't get out today.

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