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Musky in Salmon River ?

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On 3/23/2019 at 10:36 PM, greenhornet73 said:

Never caught an adult but did catch a musky fry about 5” on an egg sac at the trestle pool years ago.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the lower river but was really surprised to catch one that far upstream

Very interesting.  For sure a musky fry ? Mind my asking how long ago ? Any pic

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Can’t say for sure what year but between the range of late ‘90’s and before 2005 since I haven’t done much steelhead fishing since then.  Even at such a young stage, the markings clearly looked to be a musky to me.  I have caught many northerns in the estuary but haven’t heard of any muskies caught in that area but seems like all the habitat they would need are present there.

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Once in a while you hear of charter captains hooking them in the lake. When I fish for kings from the piers in the fall the gizzard shad come in thick. Sometimes ill see something big busting on them. Not sure if its big pike or angry salmon but if there are some wandering the lake it would only make sense a couple follow those big shad in

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