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Does Yamaha have troll control?


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Don't need the full Yamaha command setup to do this.

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You are correct....up until and ending with the 115hp. Up through that size they have the VTS switch which you can do with the switch they sell or cobble together the same thing. For the 150 you can get the functionality but only through command link gauges.
I had a 2014 115 Yamaha that i installed and used the VTS switch on. I sold that boat and bought one with a 150 and researched this which is how i know about the need for the command link gauges on the 150 and larger.

One of the reasons the 115 has the simple switch while the 150 doesnt is because Yamaha offers a tiller version up to the 115 size. The tillers all have the switch. Non tiller models inheretly have the hookup under the cowling.

I hope this helps.

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