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wicked walleye

Enclosure for electronics

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Anybody have their electronics in some sort of "encloser".  I was wanting to build something that kept my fish finder/GPS out of the sun and elements.  It  would be easier to read on sunny days too.  Wondering what some of you guys have done.   I was even thinking of getting the right size cooler and putting on its side and mounting the electronics right through the side.  Something like this is what I saw another guy has.   Looks like he mounted his inside the glove box of the boat.

fish finder cubby.jpg

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Buy some Starboard and make what you want. Easy to work with using standard wood working tools.

I have made electronics mounts, fender holders and several other items using it. Its not the cheapest material but perfect for the job.

Comes in white, black, grey and maybe some other colors too.

Ill post some pics when I get a chance.

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That sounds about the best way.  I'll look into that.
Another material to use is cellular PVC, it's similar to starboard but way less cost. You can get in board sizes. The 5/4 is a good thickness. CertainTeed and Azek are 2 manufactures

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