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Great start to season

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Out of Sandy Creek, Hamlin.    Not 10 minutes after we hit the lake the fog showed up.    Made things interesting for sure.    Thank you GPS and compass.


Landed 4 Browns (lost another at the boat) and the King within an hour.    The King managed to make enough of a mess that we pulled the gear to sort it out.

Good thing....not 2 minutes later another boat appeared in the fog and we were able to turn and scoot out of the way without messing up their set up.  


We called it a day after that one.   No need to push the luck crossing someone else's path.   Turns out there were at least 6 other boats out there based on the trailers in the lot.


Water was nice and green.   Temp was 46 or so.    All fish hit between 10 and 20 FOW.   2nd pic gives a good sense of just how thick the fog was.   In hindsight, we probably should have just 

turned around and headed home due to the fog..



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That was us out there today.  You aren't kidding about the fog.  One of those mornings when you end up in Canada if you didn't have a gps.  We worked the same water and did 2 browns and 2 kings.  We hooked up with the second just as you were picking up.  Fog lifted and fish stopped biting.  Green and purple stick bite today.


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