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Just curious, does anyone catch eyes on the north end of Cayuga?  I have my boat up by union Springs this year and thought it would be neat to try for them.

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1 hour ago, lost a lure said:

I don't think walleye are in Cayuga

 Yes they are.. Not in big numbers, but the ones we have are BIG!

 There was a 12 pounder  caught on a nightcrawler about 5 or 6 years ago, made the local paper.

 I found one dead at the south end a  few years back, and saw a few huge ones taken from Fall Creek during  the rainbow trout spawn in early spring,, Some are caught there every single year, and they are carp sized.. So yes they live in the lake, but you could  most likely fish for them every single day for the rest of your life and never catch one.. Other species in the lake that are that way as well.. White Perch, White bass.. saw one good size white bass years ago, dead, so I know they are in the lake but never caught one or saw one caught,,, bob

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