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Was there a few days ago. One ramp useable. First section is under water but def launch-able.

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    • Wilson 8/17 Nasty Currents

      Jumped out of Wilson today looking for browns in close since the lake flipped and there was a bunch of thunderstorms around. Only one fish today that came on a spin doctor and fly on a dipsy. Currents were nuts out there with over 2.5 mph difference from the surface to the ball. The one fish we caught is hanging on to second place for brown trout in the LOC.     Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United

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    • Wilson 7/27

      Shot out to 300 FOW in the morning. Hit 3 steelhead and 1 king. Kept trolling to 440 FOW before turning back to 350 FOW. Lost a bigger fish on the 70 foot rigger. Wire dipsy set at 240’ with a lemon ice spin Doctor and fly was the best set up of the day. Temp at 70 feet down was 45 degrees and best speed at the ball for me was 3.1 to 3.3. From talking to other people at the launch seems like 200 FOW was pretty good as well.   Fleas were terrible!!!!   Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario

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    • Wilson 7/10

      The fishing is definitely much slower than last year so far. We went out at first light not sure what the water temps were going to look like. We started shallow and aimed straight north to find where the best water was. Found the fish in 300 fow. Steady pick for about two hours then it just died. 6/7. 5 Kings and a Steelhead. Good size.   No real pattern as every rod fired. Green spoons and green flies. Wire divers have been good early lately then the riggers and braid divers seem to

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    • Friday Report - Wilson, NY

      Shot west at first light to the eastern most edge of the bar. Worked south from 180-240. Temp @ 55’ was 52. Worked four lines in that zone with my 12 year old. Marked fish on the screen almost the entire time. Would’ve caught as many as we could handle but giving the little one most the action held a fight clock of 15-20 minutes per fish! Lol. Couldn’t really keep lines down. Lost a couple giants. Snapped one rig equipped with 50lb mono clean off.     Sent from my iPhone using

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    • Olcott/wilson tomorrow 6/23

      I'm heading up to olcott tomorrow morning with my wife and daughter.  I have no idea where to begin trolling for the day, I havent been up there in over a month.  If someone  would give me a little guidance on where to start I would greatly appreciate it.  Shallow or deep, east or west?  Thanks

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