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anyone know a honest gun appraiser


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I inherited my dads Belgium  Browning a-5 12 gauge 3 inch mag. with 3 barrels-32 inch full choke, 24 inch deer barrel with rifle sights and a 28 inch vent rib modified.the 32 barrel and deer barrel match. The gun is pre 1960. My question is where can I find a honest appraiser. I have taken it to 3 gun shops and all I got was insults and nit-pick low ball prices.Thanks in advance.

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you could do a search on gunbroker.com for that make/model.  It should give you a ball park idea of what the market is doing.  I'd imagine all the gun shops are going to give you a low ball offer.  If you're looking to sell it...I'd suggest listing on gunbroker or a similar site.  That'll put in on the national market and should bring the best price for you.  If you just want to know the value...there are a few annual publications.  Shooters bible is the one that comes to mind.  Lists most firearms..conditions..values...etc. 



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3 hours ago, signalman said:

I paid $300 for a sweet sixteen rifle barrel and it took me years of looking to find one, the barrel was new and not a original.The a5 is not in demand like it use to be.I would ask Joe at Hessney,s Auction he could tell you.



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