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On my big boat I have electrics 


On my small boat I have 2 cannon easi troll manuals . I used my small boat till last week . Fish were down 40 to 85  ft . My arms got tired cranking up the weights , but you have your son's for that .


You don't need the best of everything to catch fish . Getting your lure down to the fish presented properly and being over fish is the secret . 

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43 minutes ago, skinny420 said:

Search around....plenty of time to find a good deal on a pair of riggers. 

I think you would be much better off using 2 riggers. and a matching set would be the best. go on ebay and check big jon, cannon, penn, walker, and scotty. all these makes cheaper manuals. but you might find a good buy on a couple of electric ones.

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