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15 minutes ago, oldsoak said:

Any particular color/lure they're hitting?

 I am by far an experienced angler for kings as I have only been after them a handful of times but we fished out of Oswego for three days late last week and weekend. It was a sunny day with 3 to 4 footers and the black and white “killer“ series spoons seem to work best. I also had a  green and silver flasher with a green, blue and silver fly. It was 50-50 whether they would hit the fly or the spoons. I found that the strikes came at higher speeds. 2.8 to 3 mph.  We fished from 130 feet to 250 feet. Never really saw any large concentrations but they are out there. I tried to use something flashy in the spread to draw them in. Good luck. 

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