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Boater Safety Course Now Required by Law

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2 hours ago, Lucky13 said:

Well said. 


But isn't this another example of us being dominated by rules?  Next you'll have to have your boater's insurance card along with your safety certificate!

I'm concerned because I took Hunter Safety a couple of years ago (I thought it would be a good idea before going back into the woods with a firearm after about 40 years of not hunting), and it took me "forever" to find a course that hadn't hit capacity almost as soon as it was announced.  I also am not crazy about additional taxes and fees, we are already being taxed to death in the great Emperor's Empire State.  Make it free for the course, and free for the certificate, hold the classes in High School gyms, I'm there with a PFD on!!!! 



course is free online and costs $13 to have it put on your driver license 


dont act as if it is the repressive arm of the govt coming down on you

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On 8/16/2019 at 6:37 AM, Lucky13 said:

People who purchase jet skis do not know the meaning of the word courtesy!


I agree 100%! It makes me wonder if they are taught to buzz right along side fishing boats at full speed.


How much trouble would I get into if I shoot them with a paintball gun?:thinking:

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It would probably at least constitute Assault and Battery.  You can't use an old snatch hook on 100 lb test to snag water skiers, or their tow ropes, either!   I have seen that rig used to pull in J plugs from boats that trolled down the pier too close, however. ;)

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